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Monday 1/11/99
from: Dr. Roger E. Stembridge

Sunday afternoon, I found the place where our ancestors settled in Hancock County, a place called Sylvan Hill. Old maps spell it as Sylvian Hill. It is located only a few miles from my house, however, driving to it is about 10 or more miles. It is located on a high ridge and there are remnants of rock foundations and chimneys there. Some years, maybe decades, ago the property was sold to a pulpwood company and their procedures in such purchases is to demolish all structures, for tax purposes. Several older people I have met remember the old house that was there. It is unlikely that it is a carryover from the late 1700s / early 1800s, however it is possible. It was awesome to walk on the ground once walked upon by our ancestors.

Sylvan Hill, Georgia (Hancock Co.)

Artifacts from previous settlement on Sylvan Hill

Thursday January, 28, 1999
from:David Stembridge
This past weekend, Dad took me up to Sylvan Hill.
I wandered back and found the remnants of the structures he mentioned. It really gave me a feeling of awe.

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