Old Devereaux, Ga

Monday 2/2/99
from: David Stembridge

In East Hancock Co., there is a town that has declined in population through the years. There once were several Hotels, 3 Doctors, a Cotton Mill, and many other businesses. Devereaux still has an active church community, and lively farming community. My Father, Roger Stembridge is an active member of Devereaux United Methodist Church. I attended there in late January with my son Dylan. Even with the declining population, this is still a community of God!

Devereaux, Ga (former town square)

Old Cotton Mill

Old Abandoned business in the town center area

Gas Pump overgrown with weeds

One of the many older unique-styled abandoned homes in Devereaux

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  1. Chris Smith says:

    I am a descendant of Jane Devereaux who married Arthur Danielly. Arthur can be found in the 1820 Hancock Co, GA census enumerated 3 families down from Samuel M. Devereaux.

    All records I can find say that Jane’s father was a Samuel A. Devereaux who married a Rachel Barron.

    I have found a few trees and webpages that suggest Samuel A. Devereaux was a son of the brother of Samuel M. Devereaxu, a John W. Devereaux. I have been unable to verify this information with source records.

    However, I also find it interesting that Samuel M. Devereaux had a son Samuel as well. This is from Samuel M.’s will.

    Given the geographic and temporal proximity to Samuel M. Devereaux, I feel it is quite likely that Samuel A. Devereaux is related to him, but exactly how still feels like a mystery.

    I have e-mailed Morris Devereaux requesting assistance on this question, but if there is anyone else on this page who might have some info, I would be happy to communicate.

    Thank you.

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